How Can EigenPhi Help You?

DeFi is acutely aware of MEV's significance. But current DeFi data analytics solutions cannot accurately determine how much revenue it captures and identify and measure the critical role liquidity plays in MEV transactions.

MEV is becoming more complex at an exponential level, involving multiple protocols, flash loans, asset minting, burning, and swaps, all within a single block. These atomic transactions create new liquidity dynamics we have not seen before. The lack of adequate analysis to provide accurate understanding prevents efficient protocol optimization, risk control, and liquidity management, resulting in a loss of MEV revenue that protocols could otherwise capture and large-scale events that cost all DeFi stakeholders dearly.

EigenPhi provides the best analytical tools detailing MEV and liquidity on-chain data, as well as bespoke research to allow analysts, institutions, traders, protocols, and any DeFi stakeholders to accurately see the on-chain behaviors, structures, and networks leading to arbitrage, sandwich attacks, malicious tokens and liquidations impacting their interests.

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