Decoding the DNA of DeFi Transactions & Strategies

As a trader in the current DeFi era, you aim to:

  • use high-quality data to formulate and execute effective strategies,

  • seize transitory opportunities in the ever-changing market,

  • manage risk to minimize unnecessary losses.

However, most existing web3 data tools fall short; they can't provide reliable transaction analysis that recognizes patterns and sends timely, automatic profit signals. To reach your goals, you need a deep understanding of transaction structures—akin to comprehending the DNA of a human body.

Just like DNA codes for the various functions, behaviors, and attributes of a living organism, the structure of a DeFi transaction—comprising its different transfers, swaps, and interactions—acts as the cryptographic DNA that encodes the transaction's underlying strategy. By dissecting this "DNA," you gain a deep understanding of each transaction, decoding its inherent patterns and strategic elements. This depth of insight equips you to conduct advanced behavior and affiliation analysis, which are integral layers of understanding built upon structure analysis.

In turn, you can recognize emerging opportunities and risks with unprecedented clarity. This booklet shows cases that explore the trinity of structure, behavior, and affiliation analysis in DeFi transactions and reveals the illuminated strategies.

This booklet provides incremental cases for different user levels, from beginners to senior traders.

Excitingly, venture forth to the next page, where a treasure trove of diverse transactions and meticulously crafted strategies eagerly await your discovery.

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